Why I Write

I’ve always been a good writer, as long as I can remember.

Not great, not average, but good.

I remember the first story I wrote and how the images and thoughts in my head so easily made their way to paper. I was seven.

Though I know I’m a good writer, I’ve been lazy about working at being great … or even being better. People that have a gift for something seem to never work as hard as people who have a passion for it … I enjoy it though, and feel like I have things to write about now.

I do not write about “random meanderings” and I do not blog my journal or diary.

I write to get better and find a voice for the talent I’ve squandered. I write because I have stories I think are worth telling and I am moved by the idea someone might read my work and be affected in some small way – by a feeling, a thought, an emotion, an idea … I don’t believe how or how much sticks with someone is important … just that it does.

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