How I Write

I try very hard not to write novelettes and I’ve never been compelled to tell a story in the traditional sense of a beginning, middle and end; with the antagonist, protagonist or a ‘moral-of-the-story.’

I don’t write that way because life isn’t that way. Life is moments strung together by the passage of time. There are no clean or clear beginnings or endings beyond that of life and death, and that’s just too broad a story to tell.  I am an observer of moments and the purest form of expression for me is to write about them.

A well-told moment might be a half a page or ten. An author can cover connected moments spanning 20 years in a 1,000 words or he can cover a single, two minute moment in 20,000.  There are no rules. The only guiding principle is to write honestly and to do so in a manner that tries not to waste a single word or leave a single word out.

Pieces I’ve categorized as “Life Imitating Prose” are products of my effort to ply my passion and grow as a writer. The author of Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White, spoke of the perfect sentence being one from which nothing can be added or removed – a sentence where each word plays its part. How I write is influenced by that philosophy and I hope to improve in that way.

An explanation of the other categories I use to organize my writing is outlined on the page “What I Write

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