What I Write

I write about things that are real – I don’t do creative writing anymore – there’s too many interesting stories to tell and truths to share. Everything I write for this blog falls into one or more of these four categories found in the menu on the left.

Life Imitating Prose‘ contains slices of real life taken from my experiences and those of the people around me.  You might be surprised at how similar our life-experiences are. If you can’t find familiarity in a single event, emotion or experience contained within the prose in this category, I’d like to know about it.

Truisms‘ contain brief slices of wisdom culled from the human experience and how we try to make sense of it.  More than just a clever saying, a slogan to live by, or a motivational quote, a truism is a fundamental and powerfully simple truth that spans time, cultures and the human condition. I didn’t say or write any of ’em but I wish I did.

Passing it Forward‘ is where I share the posts and articles I find interesting, relevant and worth passing along. It’s also where I write about the things I’ve come across that I know to be true from my life experiences or what I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made. I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone how they should live their lives or be naive enough to think anyone might avoid making similar mistakes because they heeded the words they found here. The thought that someone else might find commiseration in these stories is a nice thought though. It never hurts to know we’re not the only souls that occassionally learn our lessons in the hardest of ways.

Not for Nuthin‘ is simply my opinion posts. While ‘Passing it Forward‘ is what I know to be true from my life experiences, this category is what I believe to be true, what I feel is true to me.  These pieces are written with the understanding that other truths exist depending on a person’s frame of reference.

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